Our Story

John and Matt developed valuable business and management skills through their combined 55 years working in the corporate world at a global automotive company. They worked in regional offices throughout the country, as well as the national headquarters. Their career paths resulted in having to relocate their families over 20 times collectively. This means they have bought and sold their personal homes over 40 times! Over the years, they learned how to move their families through the relocation process with the least amount of disruption; paying specific attention to the emotional and educational needs of the children.

As they accumulated these personal and professional experiences, John and Matt began to recognize the key steps they were moving through. In a sense, these steps were waypoints. Waypoints are defined as points found along a journey. They can be physical points along a mapped journey, or they can be stops along life's journey.

With real estate, some of the main waypoints in life can be purchasing your first home, choosing a larger home as you start a family, and relocating for a career change. Downsizing as you become empty nesters or finding that perfect home in which to retire are also examples of life's waypoints.

John and Matt created the Waypoint Team because they are confident they can help their clients work through these waypoints. Their successful career progression and multiple relocations provide them a strong business foundation in negotiating, marketing, responsiveness and teamwork. These skills will transfer into a superior experience for all of their clients.

The Waypoint Team Matt and John - The Waypoint Team

The Waypoint Team - Honesty. Integrity. Teamwork.