Preparing your home to be sold is not only a lot of work, but it is also demanding from an emotional perspective. Your home is just that - your home. However, to prospective buyers it needs to stand out. You want your home at the top of their list; as the house they most feel could be and should be their home. Sellers need to help buyers envision this by removing any and all clutter and de-personalizing the home. This is where the emotional strife comes into play. Sellers are often offended by this process; yet they shouldn't be. They should look at this process as a necessary step in completing a very important business transaction.

Staging is a term that can be used in a broad spectrum of ways to prepare a house. In our opinion, staging is the process used to make a house most attractive to buyers. Staging can range from simply removing family photos and personal mementos, to the other extreme of fully furnishing a vacant home. The key is to make buyers feel comfortable that the home is not too small or without adequate storage, while also allowing them to envision their family portrait over the fireplace, not yours.

When you list a home with us, we include this topic in one of our early listing discussions, and we will walk your home with you. Our goal is to equip you with the resources needed to ensure your home is properly prepared and staged to sell quickly and at the best possible price.

The links on this page will take you to two great articles on staging.

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